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There are so many situations where you want to show something to your friends on your Android smartphone’s screen without sharing any data with them. Well, it’s very easy to mirror Android interface to a PC or Mac; however, it is not that much easy to do android to android screen share. You can share screen on multiple Android devices with so many apps, but ScreenMeet is the best among them. You not only share your Android screen to other Android devices with this app, but you can also share your screen with any device which comes with a browser. It implies that you can share your Android screen with a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and many more. This app is limited to 10 meetings and 50 viewers in its free trial though. To enjoy this app for unlimited usage you need to buy its subscription for $15/month. In addition to this, you can also buy ‘All You Can Meet’ day pass in $1.99.

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