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A short overview as to the necessity of horse dentistry. A good equine dentist should always aim to provide ethical treatments that work towards improving the health Wholesale Jerseys , welfare, future comfort and performance of the horse. The anatomy of the horses head has evolved for the primary purpose of eating. The gradual elongation of the head during evolution allowed individual teeth to become larger and stronger. The horse's lower jaw is narrower than the upper jaw and allows for the circular movement involved in the chewing process (mastication), where the top and bottom teeth are ground against each other to grind the food. The Temporomandibular joint is the most frequently used joint in the horse's body. This joint is made up of the condyle processes of the mandibles and the temporal bones. This joint can easily become painful if there is uneven balance within the mouth. There are many reasons why horses may need the help of a dentist, many of which can be resolved with investigation and treatment. It is always better to prevent an uncomfortable situation for the horse from becoming a more serious problem. There are signs that the horse will portray that a conscientious owner can recognise. -Changes in their eating habits -Dropping their feed as they eat -Washing their feed in their water before eating -Holding their head to the side -Unpleasant breath -A swollen face -Rolling their feed into a ball then dropping it -Weight loss -Unable to keep weight on Equine dentists that treat your horse should: -Establish a treatment plan for your horse -Remove the build up of sharp enamel points on cheek teeth -Remove hooks and ramps -Correct minor waves and overgrowths -Re-establish correct cheek tooth table angles -Re-establishment of proper molar occlusion -Re-establishment of proper lateral excursion -Re-establishment of proper anteriorposterior function -Re-establishment of proper incisor tooth angles After completion of treatment there should be no evidence of trauma due to it and the owner should be informed of the recommended schedule of routine maintenance. Every effort should be made to avoid injury to the horse during procedures If the dentist is unable to complete their treatment or the need for future treatment is required, the owner should be informed. Why do horses teeth get sharp? Horses and other equids have hypsodont teeth. These are teeth with a limited growth period but constant eruption throughout the animal's life. This means that it is the grinding together of cheek teeth during mastication that keeps teeth worn to the optimum level. The anatomy of the upper and lower jaw contributes to cheek teeth forming sharp edges. If teeth are even slightly unevenly worn Cheap NFL Jerseys , the problem gradually becomes more serious and will not correct itself. Performance Does your horse ever; -Get head shy? -Head toss? -Rear? -Become unsettled when ridden?

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