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Used that lens,use the CR39,which is touted as the best of the plastic lens in the world.This is the most severe test to clear

Weather spoon,it is very popular eyewear brand.This time we will introduce what brand is given to a such eyewear brand "Westward Leaning (West word leaning)"!If you buy eyewear,and $ 10 donation can be systemThe "eyewear as part of drawing the charm of the people themselves to wear" to the brand concept,simple yet has developed the item you pulled attention to detail Westward Leaning (West word leaning).In addition,Westward Leaning (West word leaning),when buy the company's eyewear,it has… Continue

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Ray-Ban,did not seem to maximize the potential of optical.Namiki normally there,further or stray,or by tryin

Cruise and Tetsuya Watari of "the western police" of the "Top Gun" was over,I am intensely remember.Not only style,but it was actually military spec.Namiki Ray-Ban,which I bought for the first time was "Wayfarer".At that time I went to the United States west coast of the high school,image such as "Speaking of sunglasses,wayfarer Ray-Ban" is,there was still heavily.W "Wayfarer" that was released in 1953,it precisely that's movies,or has been symbolically used in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and… Continue

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Ray-Ban,which made full use of advanced technology with brandsIt debuted Te.Carbon fiber temples,made of reinforce

Pop print the popular Ray-Ban RARE PRINTS (rare print) Series colorful,from the popular model "Wayfarer","BLOCKS (block)" and "TYPADELIC (Taipaderikku)" notNew variations stand appeared.I was born and inspired from the 80's,unique in pop collectionOriginal of the design of the Wayfarer,rare print special series that appeared in a combination of colorful new patterns.It has become a valuable limited edition printThat."BLOCKS (block)",the block print was born in inspired by the pop culture of the… Continue

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This time,the brand to continue such a rapid growth,we looked for reviews and reputation anxious about JINS (Gin).JINS

Les Ng's? Eyewear had been flooded in the market.In addition,it is possible to that it lacks the "anti-glare (anti-glre)" In Generally too attractive in the sense of preventing the light glistening,adopted "Ray-Ban" in the sense of blocking the light in 1937 as a brand name It has been.This will block the light,because there was a highlight aim the function of the lens that blocks the eyes from harmful sunlight.Large metal frame model,went spread as the name of Ray-Ban? A bi-et-puter.This is… Continue

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Dealing with light,or I am a lens and frame easily damaged..4: periodic adjustment.After a period of wear,the frame,it may

However,sunglasses and accidentally wound is often Tuotuo orange,there are some small details in order to do so to remind you.Deposited contaminated sunglasses,it is easy to scratch damage,please do not use nails to pull surface.Many people easily movement of the head when it was able to do a lot in order to avoid the body salmon and crash,neck or pocket,please do not wear sunglasses when you hang up the range.Or is placed in a bag that do not have someone,after you still hard glasses case,then… Continue

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Wayfarer Lily flow keying (Wayfarer) to Burberry scarf coordination of fairly serious atmosphere and pea coat of green

This is the Suzuki writer.This time,the Ray-Ban model and actress (Ray-Ban) feature has lasted,I try to focus on the charismatic diva Lily? Allen (Lily Allen).Lovely atmosphere of the looks of Lily? Allen (Lily Allen),it is surprising to attention as flashy celebrity of the United Kingdom in invective character and aggressive attitude.Such a free and aggressive Lily? Allen (Lily Allen) Fashion also love! You can align the thoroughly Chanel items I love Chanel,Lily? Allen (Lily Allen) seems…


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"Ray-Ban" in the sense of blocking the light in 1937 as a brand name It has been.This will block the light,because there was a highlight aim

Among them,the Air Force I was dramatically increased the military technology in the overwhelming early as from the birth.And,by aviation technology has risen gradually,we began to altitude can be much higher than ever.However,where it is highly relevant,we are now facing a lot of problems.Because of the flight of the glare and the long distance,the pilot has been plagued by headaches and nausea.1929,the United States of Mack Lee Dee general who could trouble the problem performs the bid,(which… Continue

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The height of the nose width? Nose I totally together,RADAR is for vertical width of the whole is greaterFor it never expires

And for size,and we would like the whole sizeIf the same PATH shape in a state which is set in the frameLens height of the RADAR is 43mm,width is 130mm,RADARLOCK lens vertical width 42mm,and the width is 132mm,We have a sharp to make a little more of RADARLOCK.And with respect to the frameRADAR is Japan fit,US fit,consists of three types of straight stems.In contrast RADARLOCK is Asian Fit,has been adopted to the edgeThe two types of straight stems.…


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Wellington type,is characterized by easy to match even the shallow Japanese face of carving.Simple black sunglasses

Ferittsu in Los Angeles,even in New York's Soho,and walked the runway the girls of street as the Hunt model,was held also "X-girl" first guerrilla street fashion show .The producer,and celebrated the Sofia? Coppola and Spike? Jones of film director,Chloe? Seu? ~Ini And Michel? Lockwood that was also a customer of the time "X-girl" also took part as a model.Then began his brand "X-girl" is while still subject to various inspiration from the street scene,you can set a "REAL GIRL'S CLOTHING"… Continue

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UV sunglasses,lens while becoming a lot of ultraviolet light to goal,the special coating To add a layer ● sunglasses were damaged that can block ultraviolet

Because the atmosphere of the sun is too light,mainly (sometimes the sky to explain why blue) blue light performance.Yellow lenses absorb blue light later,you have to follow when hunting,yellow lens to be used as a "filter" and hunters use,you can make a scene more explicit nature.However,nobody yellow glasses is wearing,target shooting,and therefore,it is not possible to prove the shooter as better results.4 Optional matters Medical professionalSunglassesSunglassesIs recommended when… Continue

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No way the injury was worse!? "" Oh! Tomoyo chan calm ......"It is instinctively soothe where it tried to Hashiridas

Starting the metropolis Arukedia in Somehow in LeSportsac outlet,it is towards the rogue many live town called "Rukusumu".And because it was it is not simply like too much "Tomoyo-chan th Yo~o is unavoidable because bad" opponent,but it might just went out to face.Tory Burch sunglasses"I just did was plan to use the two-shot photos of Tomoyo-chan and Yamashita-kun Do,hey you that this photo you do not use," Stella McCartney sunglassesTo say so,Minori was closed photos.…


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Temple alphabet with 10 characters,six characters in Japanese,alphabet with 18 letters on the case,can contain up

In yearning brand,moreover Doing a their own items,very luxury.Reward to yourself,how you can try to order the original sunglasses by Ray-Ban? Ban this new service,Tenpurukara,lenses,it is possible to freely customize the combination of such a frame can be made sunglasses to suit their preferences.Style 10 species,color 114-color,lens 36 species lineup,the possible combinations full of originality.Moreover,since it is possible to put both sides and the case letters of the temple,and of course… Continue

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Antireflection coatingA common problem is,back glare on the back of the light after he is reflected in your eyes is generated

Typically,the mirror coating is gradual,paint and change the color depth from top to bottom gradually.The bottom and horizontally,more while allowing the light which can be enhanced sunglasses to light from the top of elasticity.This means that when you are driving,sunglasses,still you,while it possible to view the dashboard and means to block the sunlight.Sometimes paint is faded at the top and bottom of the color depth of the best lens,the center of the lens is clear.Important… Continue

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So,in outdoor activities,especially in the summer,a lot of people are used to block the sun visor mirror for harm is to reduce

Therefore,differences in various sunglasses is certainly or to ??.For a particular application environment,appropriate,selection of high-quality sunglasses will provide maximum protection for you.According to international standards,sunglasses,are classified into the category of protection products of the individual's eye.The main function of sunglasses is to block the glare of the sun.However,international standards of sunglasses is subdivided into again "fashion mirror," "general-purpose with… Continue

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There is also cooperation of artisans,to deliver the 30 lines safely July 8.30 lines in sales is a strong screening,such as there is a further 30 pieces of additional

Also faithfully reproduced the shape of the eyes and the eyes somewhat wide same model between,finished in glasses is reminiscent of the glasses in the play.The Temple "unexpected Standing wind,emergency live Me and also" which is also the slogan of the movie contains the character of French "Le vent se léve,il faut tenter de vivre" of.Black edge round glasses called popularProduction is smoothly did not go to,from the Ghibli side came out orders that seek to change the millimeter,also episode… Continue

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Golf GlassesMaterialGlassResin materialTAC lens materialAccording to the principle point,Circularly polarized light microscope

40 degrees.When you turn the front lens group to slowly adjust,you can use the time to filter through efforts to the reflecting surface in order to minimize the scene.Further,the polarizing plate,a polarizer as image capture is more pure,since it is possible to absorb the stray light reflected in different directions and dusts or mists in the air,improve the contrast,color saturation It can be improved.For example,in many cases,in order to photograph the colorful pictures,and using a polarizing… Continue

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Kiritsu,directing the intellectual expression.Square type frame that was catchy using the jet-black plastic.Thick Temple that leads

Famous eyewear brand in the glasses for PC such as JINS PC "JINS (Gin)." JINS there is a "JINS CLASSIC (Gin's classic)" to eyewear type of that deployment."JINS CLASSIC" is a "classic frame" has been loved timeless by universal and sophisticated form,is fused with the life style and trends of modern people,JINS By your own re-definition,many It aims to propose as a new basic of over easy eyewear for people.Classic style of the glasses frame,combines an authentic feel and texture,blur no stylish… Continue

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To fit the face of the difficult Japanese has been properly designed.Furthermore its functionality and is not considered

The first type will not miss.Also now,the frame is thick,lens but there is also a larger,more thick frame,also lens large enough easy out discomfort,hurdles together how goes up.Because,because I give a completely different impression and usually there should face."Gotsu silver accessories" and "boot-cut pants hem spread" Similarly overly designed thing gives an unnatural impression.Narrow frame like feel natural to choose,small lens.It is the thing which can be applied Sararito naturally even… Continue

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The bad so,to increase the pupil,as well as a serious deterioration in the transmittance of the lens,it is not possible to block

Such lenses,reflecting visible light that is suitable for people of outdoor sports,will absorb a lot.Yellow Lens ⑹: Strictly speaking because it does not substantially reduce the visible light,such a lens is not in sunglasses,fog and dusk,yellow lenses,improve the contrast,in order to provide a more accurate picture ,it is also known has bends over as night.The proportion of young people wearing a yellow lens "sunglasses" as a decorative use.⑺ light blue,light pink,and other lens: the same… Continue

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Oval face: square or rectangular small positive frame sunglasses.This face,all kinds of frames,is pleased the most

● human instinct of self-preservation,the light encounters in his eyes,the pupil is natural,so it over once without UV protection glasses ultraviolet light of less energy,make entering the eye smaller mydriasis was added this was you to no glasses no effect of ultraviolet rays,despite the ultraviolet eyes of the victim,equal eyes wide open door can be imagined.The poor to make the eyes,increasing the pupil,as well as a serious deterioration in the transmittance of the lens,but not be able to… Continue

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