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This is the UGG supporting the activities for uggs black friday the third year, and this year launched a special series containing six limited edition shoes UGG classic wool boots add a striking pink ribbon logo, rendered warm and pink and positive meaning of the new energy. And this pink energy also will sweep across China, UGG China Charity Federation for hand in hand together to raise public awareness of breast cancer and breast cancer prevention work a modest. From now until December 31, all UGG County area stores to buy limited edition Pink Ribbon shoes, UGG will donate RMB30 for each pair of shoes to help women with breast cancer prevention and treatment. The range of prices from 1400 to 1900 Yuan, with effect from October 20, 2014 will be put on sale at UGG retail stores nationwide and Web platform. This season's new glossy classical zippered mini ugg boots (1800) and bright Butterfly bandages snow boots (1900) are made of glossy suede material, decorative details and decorated with pink bow. In addition, the UGG's worldwide affiliates will each fall to participate in cancer awareness-raising activities, and money for local breast cancer charities to help their sick women in host countries, cities and communities. This luxurious snow boots called "punk fashion" ("Punk Couture"). Boots with black as the background, studded with Swarovski Crystal decoration, with a strong flavor of punk with a sense of luxury. It is reported that the snow boots all made by hand, each double-takes about 10 months. UGG snow Boots brands has been more than 40 years of history, started in Australia. UGG in pursuit of comfort and warmth for branding purposes, and in recent years, the transition to luxury and fashion UGG endured a lot of criticism. This "punk fashion" uggs is UGG fashion foray into yet another attempt, luxury version of the sales for the industry to be seen. 

Autumn is getting stronger. Sooner or later these days when walking the dog, initially, the faintly feel the winter chill. Can see how much I look forward to quickly---those winter months ago, bought new clothes and shoes for the winter in the closet have indeed waited long enough! But winter is also distressing. I say to this version of poison-edited star, think of a winter, and see people in the streets Ugg, I felt sad. She laughed and then immediately love u GG I sent it off to a classmate. The student immediately sent in a photo of u GG in protest. Love u GG guys that's really not much. If you want to make a I hate LIST,U GG the absolute ranking of fashion items. Not because it's the most ugly, but because it's red. In the winter, seen almost everywhere u GG was wearing girls, ranging in age from more than 10 to more than 30 years, whether beautiful or ugly, tall, short, fat, thin, wear pants or skirts, stood on a pair of real or imitation ugg boots cyber monday deals u GG. So, spewing u GG is risky, broke out for estimates half of the light around me. A pair of stupid stupid stupid design that look so tall short, let the dwarves shorter, fatter fat chicks, skinny or short snow boots and why have so many red, this is century mystery worthy of study. The only time I feel u GG endearingly, was at the airport to see a long-legged foreign sister is wearing with bare legs, but somebody else WINS in the face, leg specialist, do not wear u GG beauty still would come back to the previous level. My little intern said she always thought that u GG she wears very adorable, until one day the boys in their class asked her: "why do you walk around every day with a bear's paw ... ..." Platform shoes are also a human scalp tingling fashion items, particularly high stiletto platform shoes, and wear beautiful clothes every time I see a lot of girls, but stepping on a pair of stiletto high platform shoes, I have to stifle the urge to go and advised her to take off. On these shoes, I don't need bad, but only one word: ugly. Chang Hui-mei and Jolin Tsai are often worn, still has a lot of girls to imitate. Good taste is not difficult to cultivate, in poor taste, always spread quickly. 

The sort-of-clunky sheepskin boots have been declared "in" and they've been called "out" -- many times over. They've been knocked off even more. But their loyal fans keep buying them. "Have you ever tried one on? If you did, you'd know," says Tacey Powers, national merchandise manager for Nordstrom. "They are part of the everyday wardrobe. You own a sneaker, you own a flip-flop, you own an Ugg." The original boot style is still the most popular, but Ugg has branched out to include more fashion-y silhouettes and loungewear. Home products such as blankets and decorative pillows will be offered this holiday season. Almost every item is touched, even if it's hidden at the base of the heel, by the signature sheepskin lining. "You have to be comfortable in Ugg. You have to feel good. Our tag line is, 'Feels like nothing else.' We want them to be the go-to pair in your closet for everything," says Ugg Australia president Connie Rishwain. "We don't want to be the pretty pair you never wear." The peak of Ugg's pop-culture trendiness was in the early 2000s, when Hollywood starlets made them part of their uniform with short denim miniskirts. Never mind that they were cruising the sunny beaches of Malibu. Now it's evolved into a "Goldie-Hawn-in-Aspen look," says Adam Glassman, creative director at O, The Oprah Magazine, and that's how you should wear them: with leggings and a long sweater, or jeans and a fur-trimmed parka. Or like you just don't care. "Ignore the rest of your outfit. It's nearly impossible to uggs classic black friday build an outfit around them," he says. However, don't wear them with socks. Not because they'll look bad, but you'll be missing out on the sheepskin sensation that makes them special. The beach bums actually had a similar idea to Ugg Australia founder Brian Smith, who brought these boots from Down Under to Southern California in the 1970s. They were particularly popular with male surfers. But Deckers Outdoor Corp. bought Ugg in 1995 and saw its potential with young women. "We inherited its inventory and its customers," says Rishwain, "but what blew my mind was the sell-through. We were pretty much a fourth-quarter brand, but it pretty much sold out year-round." 

If there's one fashion fad to be avoided this fall, sophomore Marty Miller says it would be Ugg boots. "It looks like you're wearing potatoes," Miller said. Instead, for the upcoming season, campus fashion mavens Miller and sophomore Zoe Cronin advocated modernizing classic styles, matching the ever-evolving fashion week trends. "I really like the 90s," Miller said. "I like oversized shirts and I take classic, basic pieces and put a twist on them." Describing his personal style as"classy with a twist," Miller said he often sports classic jeans with a colored blazer, or oversized shirts with a collar neckpiece. The vintage-with-a-dash-of-modern look is becoming an increasingly popular casual style. Oxfords and well-tailored slacks are a closet must-have, according to Cronin, a marketing communication major and Anthropologie sales associate. "I think that a basic pair of really well-fitted, nice black pants—not just jeans, but more like a slack-style—is a major closet essential," Cronin said, while wearing patterned slacks with a white graphic T-shirt. Cronin, who said she is planning on starting a fashion blog soon, said style has always been important to her identity. "I've wanted to dress myself since I was, like, three," said Cronin. "[Fashion has] always been a really big part of how I define myself personally."Pairing vintage and modern looks isn't the only mixing and matching that's in style for the fall season. Designers like Fendi and Miu Miu brought garments with an athletic attitude to fashion week's runways, featuring mesh fabrics and bold colors. Cronin recommended incorporating bright, sporty accents with a mostly feminine outfit as a different take on the old neutral tones often featured in designers' fall styles. She suggested pairing a girly dress with a varsity jacket, or even wearing a dress with converse or athletic shoes to balance the look of an ensemble. "When you wear something really sporty, you definitely want to match it with something that maybe is a more feminine color or has ruffles or lace or something like that," Cronin said. "Just so you get that contrast." Another major fall look, according to Miller and Cronin, is animal print and leather. Whether it's a skirt with leather detailing or a belt with leopard print, Miller and Cronin said the black uggs classic black friday
fad is quickly becoming a fashion necessity for this season.

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