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FIFA 19 Offensive - Tips for a Perfect Attack Game

Safe passing game: Peace and patience are required to create a safe passing game. If you press the X or A button too hectically, you are playing an inaccurate pass and, in the worst case, a bad pass. Important: When you play a pass, the direction of the pass should also be the player's line of sight. For example, if you look forward with your player and go to the left or right, the ball may arrive inaccurately or not at all with your opponent. That means always try to play a pass if you look at your opponent as well. After all, it's like football in the end: the players have no eyes left, right and behind!

You have defended well, conquered the ball and set up a secure game structure? Then it is now about to worry in the attack for Torgefahr! To come to the goal, there are many different possibilities. You can play through the middle and the outside or try shots from the distance. Decisive is only one thing: Choose a mix of all these options and do not play too monotonous forward! Whoever chooses the same turn is too easy to calculate and will not be successful in the long run. In the offensive, it is particularly important to be variable.

Attack through the middle: If you choose a turn through the middle, you can expect that you have to make many quick decisions in a small space. A quick passing game and the use of the L1 dribbling are essential to let the many opponents into the void. At the right moment then the pass must come into the interface to come to a goal opportunity. Basically, the attacking game through the middle in recent years has become more effective and thus more popular. But beware: Passing is more difficult in FIFA 19 than it is in FIFA 18! The passes are not so random. Of course, nice pass stats are still possible, but not so easy to implement. FIFA 19 More related article can be read:

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