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FIFA 19 UT mode La Liga Pioneers Recommended

In the UT mode of FIFA 19, not only the local team can win, but some cheap and practical players can still beat the opponent, so what are the good players in La Liga? Today, I will bring you FIFA 19 UT mode La Liga pioneers recommended, I hope everyone likes it.

I used 4-3-3 for the La Liga set because the core of my team is Cross, I built a lineup directly around Cross. The lineup uses the Cross as the engine and the main fulcrum to pass the ball, so this The lineup is more suitable for a midfielder with a strong player card.

Front line

Center ST

The center I only blow Ben Yedell alone, now the price is very cheap, thousands can be won, the five-reverse four-fancy, the model is flexible, the foot is fast, is the most scored player in my La Liga, occasionally in the week In case of delay, it can also shoot the fairy ball (may be more related to the five inverse relationship), and the price is cheap, suitable for land reclamation.

Mid-term ultimate development goal: Suarez.

Winger LW

I have tried several of the left wingers. In the end, I think that Vinicius is the best to use, four reverses and five flowers, the speed is 90+, the model is good, the shooting index is qualified, in short, the library bird can be replaced, the land reclamation price is cheap, and thousands are won.

Right winger Dembele, five flowers and four reverse, speed 89, model are good, the current price of 10,000-20000, can be bought early after opening service, La Liga has no particularly easy to use and cheap winger.

Mid-term final development goals: Bell, Messi, etc.



Really want to blow Cross, the speed of this generation becomes 67, although not fast, enough, Cross's pass is too good, and the land is sold cheaply, 50,000 won, this is the German The price of Brauner 30-40,000 is too much and too much. It is really enough. The La Liga midfielder is very expensive. This price is really high.

Other midfield

I use Rafinha and Arthur. In fact, I think Rafinha is very useful. The data is very balanced and very cheap. I don't think Arthur is the best. There are many alternatives. So this position I recommend a Ravinia, a cost-effective midfielder.

Mid-term final development goals: Rakitic, Kufu, Modric and so on.


La Liga's sideline fat oil, La Liga's central defender is terrible.

The left winger used it because I drove to Alba, so I used it directly. The market price of Alba is 70-90 million, which is still a bit expensive, so if you don't have this condition, you can choose Hernandez instead, and it is still a very powerful demon.

The right-back defender recommended Nelson Semedo, in short, it is easy to use, the price is about 10,000, the speed is 92, the model is good, the confrontation is almost the same, but the speed of the winger is enough.


The goalkeeper will be high, not so much attention, I drove to Nayong, I used it directly if there is no Nayong, I will buy a Begovic.

More than 90 chemistry is enough, not necessarily to pursue 100.

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