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Myths Of Orion: Light From The North Torrent Download [portable]

Myths Of Orion: Light From The North Torrent Download [portable]

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About This Game

Long time ago, in a Realm of Orion, a powerful, but greedy wizard collected knowledge from all around the world. And thus came to write the three Books: books of knowledge, Law and Magic.The books gave him ultimate powers. But, he used them not to prosper, but for chaos! One day the mighty enchantress Salina gathered all of her strength and courage and stole the Books from the Wizard. Under the cover of a night, she took the Books and her child, baby Meredith, and ran far, far away to the North, to her sister Ariel’s house - at the very edge of the world. She could only hope the Wizard wouldn’t find them there. And so, the years and decades passed by... until one day...


  • Explore the 3 unique Kingdoms of Orion
  • Help Meredith stop the Wizard and his wrath
  • Solve hundreds of quests and dozens of Minigames
  • Win achievements and find special items
  • High definition graphics and full motion cinematics

Title: Myths Of Orion: Light From The North
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Cateia Games
Libredia Entertainment
Release Date: 3 Dec, 2014


Even though the story is generally interesting and the graphics, music, and voices are good, and most of the puzzles and hidden object scenes are fun, I can't recommend this game because some "twitch" parts of the game are extremely difficult to do with a mouse (which makes me think this was a phone game). For example, the sliding thorns puzzle is excruciatingly difficult with a mouse and the fight scenes with the thieves are very difficult. I also didn't like the hidden object puzzle that kept getting obscured with darkness every few seconds requiring me to click three times to clear it up before finding a couple of more objects before it obscured again. Plus, I didn't like the Simon-like follow the bells sequence where bells switched position after showing me the sequence. (I hate Simon-style games.) On top of all that, there are a few HO puzzle clues that are bad, such as "pitchfork" where you have to click on an ash shovel that is labeled as a "fire poker". The best thing about this game is that the map is really useful because you'll need it to figure out where to go next because a lot of the time it is non-obvious.. I loved this game. Immersive, with a storyline that added just enough purpose without being intrusive (I hate games that have tons of dialogue). The animation is beautiful, a cross between cartoony and realistic. It was generally clear what to do with objects and how to progress. The mini-games were great, too -- it has the traditional mix of create-a-pathway, do a puzzle, follow the pattern, etc. but has some different twists. Just challenging enough to make me work, but not enough that I gave up or resorted to the walkthrough (okay, I did that once, but because I missed a hot only complaint is that the "hot spot" areas are very big, like an entire wall -- so if there are two close together, you might not find the second one because you're thinking, "that magnifiying glass will give me the same close-up I've gotten 10 times already, so what's the point?" but that's minor). I liked that you could customize your difficultly level. Unexpectedly, this HOG\/Adventure game has four "boss" levels where you have to mix speed, accuracy, and problem-solving. Definitely got my heartrate up! Decent length, too. And the first thing I did when I finished it was to look for other games from Cateia!. I had so much fun playing this game. Great story line, good graphics and sound. The hidden object games were a lot of fun and the mini-games were challenging. Well worth the money.. this is one of the best and confusing game i've ever played, it is a joy to know these kind of games are still made, keep on making these type of games and you can't go wrong. please keep it going.. Game Information

Myths of Orion: Light From The North is an Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure<\/i> game that was developed by Cateia Games and published by Libredia.

Game Visuals

I want to mentioned that the visuals in the game is nicely done. The visuals can be adjusted in the game's option menu.

Game Audio

I want to mentioned that audio for the game is well done. Even though the audio is somewhat simplistic and repetitive. The audio can be adjusted in the game's option menu as well.


There are four different difficulty game modes to choose from: Novice; Adventure; Challenge and Custom.

The notebook keeps tracks of progression in the game. Such as story events and clues.

There is a padlock feature that is available to lock the inventory panel in place to make it stationary.

There is an interactive map in the game. It allows the player to fast travel between each locations quickly without having the need to constantly backtracking. It also indicates that there are variety of tasks that can be completed at various locations within the game. The interactive map is automatically given at the start of the game.

The hidden object scenes consists of the following: Shadow items; Traditional word lists and Riddle items. Some of these hidden object may require little or no interaction.

The puzzles are fairly easy to solve without having the need to skip any of them.

There are two sets of collectibles in the game: Cross and Tailsman. They are scattered throughout the game for the player to find.

There are twelve different achievements that can be unlocked from playing the game. Each of these achievements does come with some requirements that needs to be completed before they can be unlocked. These achievements are in-game only.


Final thoughts: I have found the game enjoyable to a certain extent. The replay value for the game is low. I would recommend this game, but not at the game's full price value.. I was expecting the usual from a hidden-object point-and-click: baffling plot twists, bizarre game logic, and as much amusement in explaining what was going on to my friends as I got from playing it.

What I got was an artistically pretty game with an excellent soundtrack compared to others in the genre and a tight, forward-moving plot. The areas were well done, it actually felt like something was at stake in the game. I had to skip some of the puzzles because the controls were a bit wonky, but it's a small quibble for something that was otherwise quite fun. there some rule I don't know about that a casual HO game must contain two pieces of flint that start a fire? If all you needed was moving flint, mountain ranges would be spontaneously combusting death traps. Oh, well. Recommended.. I really enjoyed playing this and completely agree with the other reviewers about the voice acting, music and graphics being surprisingly well done. I liked the map functionality that showed places that had actions that you could take (including HO puzzles) and would allow you to go directly there. Given that there were in-game achievements and collectibles, my only wish is that they would add steam achievements and trading cards.... Good hidden-object game. A bit short.. A very good hidden object game with challenging puzzles, neat characters, good voice acting, and a clear and engaging central story line. Will be looking for more games from this Croatian developer. Looks like Artifex Mundi has some competition!

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