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Play Wheelie Challenge Game Free Online

Wheelie Challenge is an online game that can be played on any device for free. Wheelie Challenge is an attractive bike racing game. The game is a bit challenging and you need to control your bike on one wheel and try to ride as far as possible. If you beat all the other players in this online game and get the highest score, you will be listed in the stats table as the best player. Have a try and enjoy this game, you can play the game here.


Play Wheelie Challenge Game Free Online

Actually there are many Wheelie Challenge games on the web. You can just type wheelie challenge in the search bar of Google; you will get tons of results about this topic, such as BMX Wheelie Challenge, Wheelie Challenge, Wheelie Challenge 2 and more. Some of the games require you to download app on your phone, but I prefer to play these game directly from the browser. You can play Wheelie Challenge on this site.


About Wheelie Challenge Game Online


The game takes place in a colorful city with various stores. You will practice your Wheelie skill with your BMX bike. Although BMX bike is great for Wheelie challenge, you can collect coins to buy new bike like Mountain bike, Classic bike and more as you level up. The only rule of the game is to use the back wheel to go; if the front wheel touches the ground, you will lose and have to play the game again, again and again.


The rule of the game is simple, but it’s hard for most people to control the bike properly to keep its balance and let it move forward. The first time I played the game, I often forgot to press the screen to ride on the rear wheel so I had to replay the game again, again and again. If you want to perform a wheelie and go as far as possible in this online game, you need to practice many times just like learn to wheelie in real life.


As you wheelie, you will have to wheel your bike up down the ramps along the road, which add new challenges to this game. Try to keep your bike on one wheel and climb these ramps at the same time is difficult, but it’s not impossible. You need to control your bike correctly, measure the best time to pull up the front of the bike or release to let the bike go down to keep balance.


Don’t forget to collect coins to unlock new bikes and new levels. Have fun!


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