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Original Title: Prison Break

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller




































Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) has been framed for the murder of the Vice Presidents brother, and is now awaiting execution on death row. Lincolns brother, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), makes it his mission to deliberately get sent to the same prison as his brother, and break him out before his execution.
After his brother is wrongly accused of murder and sent to death row, Michael Schofield will do anything he can to alter the wrongdoing even if it means getting himself sent to prison to break his brother out, picking up some unlikely friends on the way.
Was always a Prison Break fan but this got way too hokey. So annoying, you can never hear what Michael is saying with the breathy dialogue (constantly sounds like he needs oxygen)..the early episodes were so dark (not my TV). & constantly have to turn up the volume! And please, too much with the following the fireworks in the desert while injured...way too much unbelievable nonsense, had to stop watching!!!
The story line of this series is pretty well written. The character Michael Scofield, is very complex and intelligent in the the way that, he decides to get himself sent to prison to help break his brother, Lincoln Burrows, out. In order to do this, Michael comes up with strategies to get into parts of the prison that requires special permission. Before he was sent to prison, Michael got his whole body tattooed with a blue print of the entire building. every tunnel, wall, and door was on his body. My favorite part was when they finally broke out of the first prison because there was a lot of suspense building up to that point because Scofield's brother was supposed to be executed but there were difficulties in the process that delayed his execution.

Michael, being a structural engineer, was involved with redesigning Fox River Penitentiary. He kept the building plans and studied them exhaustively before entering the prison. As an aid, he hid these plans in a tattoo that he got. To others, it merely looks like a normal tattoo. But Michael can "read" the tattoo like a map of Fox River, greatly helping him in his escape plans.

The tattoo also features other details of his escape plans, including contingency schemes. These details are obscured in code, which only Michael can recognise. It's a word for new inmates, i.e 'fresh fish'.

Lincoln is known to be a tough, hard fighter among the cons at Fox River. As Sucre explains it if someone messes with Linc he comes back at them with "everything including the kitchen sink." He is considered to be neither part of the blacks or whites and is seen as an 'in-betweener', hence the nickname, 'Tweener'. In the real world the inmates more than likely would have used another term for Apolskis, which is a compound of the word "white" and a certain derogatory n-word. This kind of language understandably isn't in line with most network's policies (note that the f-word is also not used in the show, even though it is a basic element in the language of real inmates), so they had to use the politically neutral term 'Tweener'. A 'C-Note' is another name for the American $100 bill - the letter C being used as this is the roman numeral for 100. Benjamin shares his name with the name of the man pictured on the bill, Benjamin Franklin. Also he charges 'C-Note' $100 for his services as the Prison pharmacist and black market dealer. 'T-Bag' is named from his first initial and the first three letters from his last name. 'T-Bag', however, is also sexual slang for a man dangling his testicles on someone else. Secure Housing Unit, a place where prisoners are sent as a punishment, and will remain isolated there for an assigned period of time. Secure Housing Units usually mean that prisoners will have no cell mates and will be held within their cell for the majority of the day. It is a symbol of T-Bag having power over them, and having that person be his personal 'bitch'. They had to break out sooner than planned. They were originally going to go through the hole in the break room during P.I. (which they would get to from the hole in Michael's cell) to get to the infirmary and pretty much stay underground the whole time, but because Bellick found the hole and Westmoreland threw him down into it, they had to leave quickly before anyone else caught on. So they left through the hole in the cell instead. The hole helped Michael to get his things from the storeroom and to also set up the rope in the chamber under the maintenance room. Originally, the crew was going to escape directly from the CO's break room, in PI hours, but as we know, that went wrong when the the pipe under the infirmary was replaced. Of course the hole eventually served other purposes for Michael, like saving Tancredi's life, messing up the electric chair with a rat, rescuing Westmoreland's cat and, at the end, being a part of the actual escape, but none of this was planned from the beginning. The Song used at the end of Season 1 and the theme to House, M.D. is "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. It wasn't created for either show and was on their 3rd album "Mezzanine" and on PURE MOODS, Vol. 2 both released in 1998.Use this site: It's a dictionary of just about every prison term you could think of. Try this site: Check out the Wikipedia article on it here: In the interaction between Alex and Sarah in season two he explains that he's taking 20 Milligrams of Varatril daily. The name of the drug itself appears to be fictional but Sarah's response is 'Benzodiazepines are hard core man'.

It is mentioned on Season 2 ( Episode 19, "Sweet Caroline") that Alex takes midazolam, a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are a drug used to treat a variety of conditions but predominantly anxiety/panic, sometimes substance withdrawal and occasionally sleeplessness. The most commonly prescribed Benzo's are Valium and Xanax. Michael, according to the show's timeline, was 11 when his mother died in 1985, making him 31 years old as of right now (Birthday in October). Lincoln, was 15 when their mother died, making him either 35 or 36 right now, depending on what month his birthday falls under.

However, in the Pilot episode they show a close up of Michael's entrance papers where his birthdate is listed as 9/8/78 which would make him 28 years old. So he should've been 6-7 at the time of his mother's death in 1985.

Also, Michael's tombstone at the end of "Killing Your Number" shows the dates: "10.8.1974 - 11.4.2005", making him 31 years old at the time of his death. When Lincoln was little and before Michael had even been born, their father left them. Lincoln kept his last name (Burrows), while Michael kept his mother's maiden name, 'Scofield'. On top of that, it has become apparent in season 4 that they are not biological brothers.


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