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Navasana (Boat Pose) This asana is named after the superficial resemblance of the practitioner to the shape of a boat. Lie on your back. Lift both legs and arms simultaneously and without bending. This asana can be done in two ways: paripurna (complete) navasana, and ardha (half) navasana. If performing the former, maintain an angle of about 45 degrees between your upper and lower body; increase the angle to about 60-75 degrees if doing the ardha navasana. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) As in the boat pose, the name of this asana derives from the superficial resemblance of the practitioner to a stretched bow (dhanu means 'bow' in Sanskrit). Lie on the floor facing downwards. Grasp your legs with your hands, and raise yourself into the bow pose. Engage the abdominal muscles to support the shape. This asana is beneficial to the spine, and improves circulation in the abdomen and hips. Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) Stand erect. Stretch one leg forward, and adopt a stance similar to a lunge. Lift your hands either side of your head, and if possible stretch them behind.Super Beta Prostate This asana, with the backward stretching motion of the spine, is particularly helpful for spinal health, and also confers the same benefits as a lunge. Hastapadasana Stand erect. Bend down, and extend your arms as far down your legs as you can, while keeping your legs straight. If you can't reach the toes, don't stretch beyond your capability. This asana stretches the hamstring, the calves and increases blood flow into the sacral region. Ashtanga Namaskara This asana is much like a push up, and takes its name from the number of points where your body touches the floor: ashta means eight in Sanskrit, and anga means body parts.

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