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She casually stuffed him and allow buy it to the child

She remembered her girlfriend with her best body fat weight scale, once he shown her, that year she is at the first preparatory class, potential assigned. They are often inside the grove, greeting cards together, play together, that little bit of small woods will almost always be golden, inside the fall, ginkgo leaves fell to your place, she would rather hold his hand, flew with. She felt that in case not mature, maybe still hand.

They met, he took his son, walked to the coffee shop, the son remains to be noisy, to fancy plane model, he would not buy, crying son, considering her. “Call aunt," he was quoted saying to his son who sell the digital body weight scale.

His son hiding behind his father, considered her big eyes, she stood up, squatted down, touched the infant's head, single-handedly acquired a red envelope, said: "Happy New Year, red envelopes for your requirements." Son looked over him, not Dare to receive. She casually stuffed him and allow him to buy it for that child.

He said thanks, two glasses of coffee. “You are still precisely the same, 16 years have passed, and little change wouldn't." She said.

"You are exactly the same, ah, or that." He said, only investigating the coffee, no four relative, so resistant to the words, he wouldn't dare take a look at her. 16 years for any woman's change, it's from the Sentimental girl, right into a mature woman, she explored at him, the forehead is the forehead. “Eleven days after my birthday will be your birthday, while we are together, like within the mirror, you're Libra." She said. He nodded, and the man felt that she should do something to interrupt the sad opening.

He will not smoke, he only viewed the spoon from the coffee stirring, he believed that coffee and hang up some sugar, the tastes will be more sweet, can meet her first love, he actually felt the coffee is very bitter.

"Is he okay for your requirements?" He asked, your situation of her man. "He explained everything, plus the same as you can't do you, they are just an elevator maintenance workers, only around a half dozen thousand monthly, but all for me, you?" She checked out him, staring, she would like to consider his 16 numerous years of sadness, with eyes tightly pegged to lock the memories, because she cannot contact retain, to snatch.

"When I was using a business trip in Nanjing, met my son's mother, I am now a communications company to complete engineers, work inside room, would not go out weekly, daily she provided food, she actually is the hotel waiter. The phone, to ensure together, after she was pregnant, I have been in Somalia, Africa, until her baby yesterday, I went back. Time soon, I have been employed in CITIC for 10 years. "He was emotion, Ten years’ time, with his fantastic woman gather more away through the more.

She puzzled, why need to stay in Africa, cannot live in his woman side. She felt, maybe he missed her, marry so many people are the same, even though they are very good for his woman and her best body weight scale, whenever home provides a lot of things. But if she was with him, is unquestionably not let men leave their long, long time

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