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Signals to profit from diversity within the channel while penetrating through concrete and glass

Huawei and Vodafone (the world’s second-largest mobile communications company) announced the successful trial of 2 Tbit/s wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) fiber-optic transmission technologies on Vodafone’s live network. The field trial achieved 2 Tbit/s transmission capabilities spanning a 3325 km length huawei access network, a data-highway capacity 20 times above current commercially deployed 100 Gbit/s systems. This could cause advanced optical transport systems with capacities far beyond the current 100G technology, says Huawei.

Microwave transmission, a vital solution for mobile backhaul networks through the years, struggles in order to meet the need for multi-Giga bandwidth at long distances. Etisalat Misr, together with the Huawei Super Dual Band microwave solution, has achieved 6.19 Gbps on the relatively international calls (3.37 km) link from the Alex region, applying state-of-the-art features (EPLA, AM and QoS) that stretch the rewards from the E-Band equipment.

Huawei’s Super Dual Band is definitely an innovative solution, which bonds the original frequency (6-42 GHz) combined with E-Band (71-86 GHz) in the unique manner, offering increased protection via special link aggregation techniques and advanced Quality of Service mechanisms. The Super Dual Band solution combines international calls benefit of traditional frequencies together with all the large capacity selling point of the E-Band, ensuring efficient multi-Giga transmission.

Cohere says OTFS produces a two-dimensional take a look at the delay and signal fading of an wireless channel. It spreads information across a serious amounts of frequency, that permits signals to learn from diversity within the channel while penetrating through concrete and glass, and achieve high quantities of immunity to fading, multipath along with signal impairments at thunder-link.

In its early tests it trialled its technology among tall buildings and mountains as well as in moving vehicles, and declared that the OTFS radios never faded, even over distances above four kilometers, as OFDM ones could have done. A minimum of 4bps/Hz was achieved in 10 MHz of spectrum from the 3.5 GHz band, driving speeds of 120Mbps to 320Mbps. The company’s initial trials used currently available 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO antenna arrays nonetheless its roadmap should be to produce Massive MIMO radios with 64×64 arrays, and also to move up for the millimeter wave bands.

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