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For most FIFA players/fans, one question that is prominent on their mind is how to get ahead in the FIFA Ultimate Team. The truth is, if you must get ahead in the FUT, you will need plenty of FIFA Coins. Although FIFA coins are not so difficult to earn, there are, however, different ways to earn them which will be worth your time than others. In this article, we will be giving you a guide on the best ways to acquire FIFA Coins, especially in FIFA 19. We will show you different potent ways to sell your players on the exchange market and also how to make good use of your daily/weekly challenges to earn lots of coins.


Buying and selling players on the transfer market is one of the best means of making FIFA Coins. One very good step you can take is to make sure to list all your bronze players as soon as you get them. While some will sell, some might not, but you will be amazed at how much you can gather in from cards that you have been allowing to sit stagnantly.


Apart from the fact that finishing Squad Building Challenges are a sure way to earn FIFA Coins quickly, listing players on the transfer markets which other players are looking out for to complete their Squad Building challenges are an even better means of making money. These SBC cards tend to fetch you a good reward, so ensure you always check in, in case you are sitting on any SBCs whenever they are refreshed.


Completing daily and weekly challenges which are shown on the main menu is another fast way to earn lots of FIFA Coins fast. One thing that will help you is to write down which challenges you think you can complete, and then watch out for them while you are playing any of the modes in the game. Then afterward, go to the challenges menu to retrieve your rewards as soon as they are done.


The FUT Team of the Week is usually released by EA every Wednesday of each week. The cards are somewhat scarce and so are expensive, but it would be a good investment because their value increases with time. So what you can do is to make sure you buy them earlier, and then sell them when demand is high.


Though Squad Battles only require playing matches against tough opponents, they can reward you with stacks of FIFA Coins. You can earn a multiplier on any points you earn in each match by setting the difficulty, and these points are then summed up and exchanged as rewards at the end of each week.


You will earn points from time to time while playing FIFA 19, and you can use these points to purchase items from the catalogue (access the catalogue at the Start menu by pressing RS). FIFA Coin Multipliers are usually hidden in there, and you should use these to increase your coins earned in each session.


In case you are looking for some bits of challenge, plus a chance to win higher rewards, then you should definitely consider taking part in the FUT Weekend League every week. You get to earn Champions Points during Division Rival and these can be used to enter the Weekend League. You can then play 30 games to earn FUT Champions rewards and lots of FIFA Coins.


The Web App affords you the opportunity to manage your teams on the go, and you can also buy and sell players with it on the transfer market. Just logging in everyday can earn you FIFA Coins, and you can easily manage your Squad Building Challenges straight from the app as well, so you really want to consider downloading it right away.

Cheap FIFA Coins, FUT coins, FIFA 19 Coins and FIFA Points are available on, have a view here and get some for your ultimate team, good luck to you.

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