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What's the Price of IF Axel Witsel Player Cards?

As Roussillon as of now flaunts 87 pace, the best science style to apply on his card would be Sentinel, to give him a +10 lift to his base quality, hopping, and animosity, which are appraised 77, 73, and 75 individually.

His protective details will likewise profit by the science style, as his capacity to make sliding and standing handles will both be appraised 93 with a Sentinel chem style.


CM - IF Axel Witsel

Cost: 32k

Axel Witsel was an unexpected consideration in TOTW 14, yet an appreciated one considering his conventional details. He's 6'2" and has a 82 quality rating, which enables him to supervisor the center of the recreation center. He's additionally got a four star expertise rating, making him fit for performing overwhelmed moves, for example, the La Croqueta, and the heel-to-heel flick.


Regularly we'd propose a Shadow science style for Witsel, however an Artist science style would make him unfathomably deft on the ball by boosting his readiness to 93, while additionally giving him a colossal lift to his passing details.


CM – IF Delaney

Cost: 20k

Axel Witsel's Dortmund partner Thomas Delaney is an absolute necessity have for Bundesliga sides. He has a high work rate, which enable him to perform like a crate to-box midfielder, and combined with his noteworthy details, he's marginal first class.


Delaney has 94 stamina, hence making him fit for playing out his job over the span of an amusement without tiring. He likewise flaunts 88 bouncing, 86 hostility, and 79 quality – all of which makes him equipped for keeping the midfield on lockdown.


CM – Leon Goretzka

Cost: 3.5k

Leon Goretzka is amazingly prominent among Bundesliga clients on FUT. Toward the beginning of the FUT season he cost 55k coins, principally in view of his name, yet additionally because of his great details, and how he plays on the pitch.


Fortunately, he's altogether less expensive now, and will cost you simply 3.5k coins. Try not to be tricked by his cost, however, as he's still superior to a ton of midfielders in the diversion, some of whom cost significantly more.

Goretzka's flexibility is the thing that makes him extraordinary. He's equipped for performing different jobs on the pitch on account of the way that he has great details in each territory. From completing (72) to spilling (81), he's a balanced card. He has 84 pace, yet with a Shadow chem style he transforms into a speedster with 96 pace, and 85 guarding, while his capacity to make block attempts will be evaluated 93. His sliding handles will likewise be evaluated 93, making him equipped for pursuing players down, winning the ball back through handles and catches.

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