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World of Warcraft Horrified Kodo Beast Acquisition Method

World of Warcraft's frightened Kodo beast is one of the Black Coast mounts. It is not a rare drop of the elite. The way to get started is quite new. Today, the World of Warcraft is frightened by the Kodo Beast, and the players in need are coming soon. Look.

Like Arathi's rare mounts, most of the rare mounts on the Black Sea in 8.1 are dropped by specific rare monsters, but the panicked Kodo is slightly different. Here are the tips:

· The frightened Kodo beast is a rare monster that is regularly refreshed (according to the player's report, it is about 2-6 hours)

· This is a green name NPC that must be clicked to be useful. After clicking, the message "Frightened Kodo beast arched your hand with his nose, he wants to go with you!" After a few seconds, the mount will automatically enter the bag.

· Only the first person to click can get a mount. NPC will disappear shortly after being clicked, or if no one clicks on it within about 2 minutes of refreshing.

· There are 6 refresh points known, and all refresh points are marked on the map above:

41.3 65.5

44.0 67.5

41.3 54.0

38.0 66.0

39.2 56.5

44.0 65.0

The server restart seems to be a good time to check if it is refreshing.

· No matter the camp, the 110-level demo account can also get the mount.

· Which side of the camp controls the Black Sea Coast has no effect on getting a mount.

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